Name: Stellaria media
Type: Annual 
Other names: chickenwort, craches, maruns, winterweed

ChickweedChickweed Stellaria media is an annual wild edible that grows in many locations and as hardy as it is, chickweed is quite delicate. This is an easy-to-grow plant that’s healthy to eat and it produces flowers throughout the growing season even in hot, dry conditions. Chickweed is multi-functional because its presence decreases insect damage to other plants. This plant has a lot of health benefits and is full of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

LEAVES – Oval with pointed tips that are smooth or slightly hairy.
FLOWERS – Chickweed flowers are small, white, and are produced at the tips of stems and in angles between branches. The white petals are shorter than the 3-4mm long green sepals; each of the 5 petals is 2-lobed so the flower may appear to have 10 tiny petals.

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